Box Emitting
This is a demonstration model of what I exhibited at the University of East London in the AVA building. It was displayed at the 3rd year degree show 2005, my end of 2nd year degree show and for the university's combined showcase show also in 2005. It was inspired by the work of Golan Levin (interactive), Jared Tarbell (simplistic) and Angela Bulloch (archival). It is intended to run under open gl and the demo may likely choke a low spec machine. The idea is that it records user interaction and outputs data files that can be reprocessed into Illustrator files. This play with the work is monitored by an over head microphone and a web cam detecting colour changes along a line in its feed image. This demonstration has been disabled in terms of microphone detection to avoid the need to download third-party software. The source assumes a web-cam is available and open gl is accessible.

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Exhibit source code - requires Sonia library
Output to Illustrator converter source - requires AI Export library for 85
Built with Processing
exhibition photo
This is a photo from the opening night. A screen shot from the program has been super-imposed because the low light levels required a flash and drowned out any clear image of the projection.