Eye for an Eye

This project was built to road test my Genetic Algorithm Library. It demonstrates how a project can be put together with an emphasis purely on the Chromosomes wandering around in a physical world provided by the Traer Physics library.

I also wanted a project that would look friendly and cute on prints and be capable of being used as an installation. The application instance of this project is capable of producing pdfs, as the image below demonstrates.

The Amoebas live a short life span and then eject Plankton with their DNA on it (this DNA is indicated in their iris and the fuzz on the Plankton). This is sucked up by other Amoebas and it alters their DNA. When they get fat they shrink and eject a new Amoeba. They comprise a closed ecology, like a self-tending fish tank.

A dowloadable sample of pdf output from this project can be found here.

Owing to changes in syntax and libraries with Processing, I've uploaded an archive of code that should work as a stand alone project.

raster image of amoebas