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This is a test for a game engine. I combined the idea of Super Bomber Man and the AStar library. The idea is 5 players each control a "lightning" man. You run around, drop an orb, run away and then send out lightning - which will take the shortest route of course. Players hit will find their shields come on and have a few hits left before being out of the game. I took me a couple of hours to whack this together, so powerups and flashy graphics I could work on later.

Keys (only 2 players keyed up right now - it's only a test afterall):

Player 1: a>left, d>right, w>up, s>down, e>drop orb / pick up orb / zap
Player 2: j >left, l >right, i >up, k >down, o >drop orb / pick up orb / zap

Source code: sslm1 man

Built with Processing