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Click on the applet to focus it, then use the arrow keys to move about. The applet resets when you - the green square, get intercepted by a red square.

This is a demonstration of tracking the player by scent. Agents move towards the player, then track the freshest scent.

It's overhead is almost non-existant compared to A* or Dijkstra. This makes this form of pathfinding suitable for action games, where A* would otherwise choke the machine. It also works for platform games too, because the player's navigation of the scenery, teaches the tracking agent how to navigate obstacles.

The player of course can outwit the agents (due to the Conga Line Effect), but there is enough of a challenge to make outwitting the scent tracker fun, without the situation becoming unfair. After all, there are no walls or dead ends to get trapped in in this demo, though the scope for it is in there because the monsters will not walk over each other.

Things to consider:

Source code: scent_map

Built with Processing