Parallel to AARON

Abstract: Undergraduate thesis upon a modern take of Harold Cohen's Parallel to Perception paper. The thesis qualifies Cohen's theories in the light of other artists attempting similar work and against art and perceptual theory. A discussion on neural networks in the service of a creative artificial intelligence is also discussed.

Parallel to Aaron PDF document

Companion CD

The Parallel to AARON thesis was accompanied by a CD detailing research into neural nets undertaken in the form of Java applets built with Processing. These are reproduced in this site's archive:

Kohonen Clustering Algorithm

Kohonen Self Organising Map

Attempt at applying SOM to composition

Hopfield Pattern Recognition

Gesture Recogntion (Back Propagation)

Demonstration of Stephen Wolfram's automata

The CD also listed the links for the internet resources used in writing the thesis. These are below:

A. Michael Noll’s Computer Composition with Lines

AARON application download

Artificial neuron illustration

Back-Propagation neural net

Biological neuron illustration

Ed Burton’s EOR

Gesture recognition tutorial

Game of Life example

Harold Cohen’s papers

Hopfield neural net

Kohonen clustering algorithm tutorial

Kohonen Self-Organising Map

Mach Bands illustration

Stephen Thaler’s Creative Machine

The Travelling Salesman Problem