This is a prototype for a real-time Rogue-like. I'm hoping I don't have to go turn based with it as Diablo is one of the best real-time Rogue-likes around and one thing we're missing in Flash is a decent RPG or even just a Rogue-like. This page will support my code whilst I ask people about play testing. My goal is to make a very simple game - esentially Rogue (go down, random levels, get the amulet, get out alive). FOV I'm strongly tempted to leave as a mask over the gameplay.

Links: A big source of Rogue-likes and development ideas. Site for the original Rogue. iRogue - a Palm OS variant - enjoyable, but dead-end levels became so common that the only way to complete it was to reload a save until you had a route down-stairs (completed it, now downloading iMoria).


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