The Flash needs a click to give it focus. This is just a test of the Lightning Man game idea. The basic engine is there minus frills.

Object of the game: Run around and press fire to drop your head. Then press fire again to send a streak of lightning to your head. If the other player is caught by the lightning they lose health and gain a shield (a faraday cage) for 3 seconds. Pressing fire whilst standing over your head allows you to pick it up again.

Keys for both players

edit: Player 3 on keys i, j, k, l, o (support for 4 players is there - I'm going to add a mouse-based joystick for maximum carnage)

edit2: Added glass & iron floors. Lightning prefers iron floors, firing over glass will be difficult.

edit3: Added timeout for lightning and maximum health. Players will have to walk around for their jumpers to create electricity.

edit4: Added sound, hit & death animations and roll-over-mouse-joystick for fourth player