Sunday, September 25, 2005

Thumb twiddle

Thankyou k10k (warning - big fat movies):

Funky plants
Video tune

Have started making stuff for mobile phones. I've downloaded Processing for Mobile. It is the lord and master of bugs. It can't do prescison math either, I had to look here to find out how to do square roots with out floating point numbers. When I've finished formatting the examples for java I will archive them.

Friday, September 16, 2005

Don't swear

This is an amazing idea.

Have made world's crappest programming language: Automat. I've just tried to mention BrainFuck, the world's simplest programming language but as I'm using a university machine to make this post it aborted the browser and logged an illegal usage complaint. I will put the ammended link here when I have access to an uncensored machine: brainfuck. Suffice to say that my own language is nothing by comparison. It stinks. I have at the very least become a little more familiar with PHP.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Shaolin Imbecile

I return with more work to do. Hayvend is all good and done - though I don't see any mention of me on the website yet. Ciant was enlightening, I learned about motion capture and drinking a great deal. Am back in London now with ambitions of great work. However I appear too stupid to perform any: Can't make a curve fitting algorithm, can't load external code, can't get motion capture working, can't get Open Sound Control to work, can't do nine tenths of bugger all.

On a lighter note Tekken 5 is a fantastic game. I'd sworn off computer games but was lured in by it's promise of containing arcade roms and lots of wu-tang. It does not fail to disappoint, then it kicks ass even further by letting you unlock a space shoot-em-up. I got blisters on my fingers...