Thursday, October 20, 2005

Praise Apollo & Bacchus

I have made a thing that scans all the lines that could possibly exist in an image. Its output kills Illustrator. Behold.

I have also got my motion tracking suite ready for some tracking action. Images will be along shortly.

The Chapman Brothers private view this week was drunkard. I achieved no new great heights, only old lows.

Sunday, October 09, 2005

Only the lonely

Hollyoaks is an almighty torrent of feculence It's rather like the film Signs.

I was wrong it seems. Mobile Processing can do precision math with some very odd functions. Still can't get a gravity simulation working on it though. However, have worked hard on motion-capture and figured out how to roll waves across a grid (archive).

Have squatted me a name on livejournal.

Hrmm, I was about to complain that I don't get linked. My ISP provides me with statistics of who refers me though.

Aphid here has honked the Creative section of my Links page on to his site. Fair enough though. That's what it's there for.
Dalek Links of course I sent a mail to about my print.
v3ga's blob detection library has been mutilated for my Process project.
I've no fucking clue how it is I'm being referred from the designers republic, but there's been 1628 requests. Confuses the crap outta me.
This next one is with out a doubt the weirdest: The Toyota Estima Owners Club. I can't even fucking drive, let alone do I know someone with an Estima.
I've also been linked from some German online porn chat thing. Honestly, there ain't no porn on my site to refer to. I imagine the bastard has me ear-marked for spam or something.

Apparently I've cropped up on Smandom although where I cannot see. Processing and Newstoday I'm a member at.

As for my so called mates on the left under Links, not one of them refers to me in return. Bastards.