Monday, November 28, 2005

Hepatic and Cerebral Faliure

Busy writing a thesis. Nearly done with the first draft, suffice to say - I thoroughly hate writing now. In my research though I have come up with a few choice discoveries. I've made gesture recognition and also I've read up on Wolfram's automata, the simplest book on science I've ever read. It inspired me to test out some of the basic theories (and all of them are really basic - but quite far reaching) in an applet here.

Thank you k10k for this really great movie shot from stills.

And for this which I find really ironic considering the lunatic quantities of alcohol I've been consuming with my Swedish friend.

Friday, November 04, 2005

Neural Nyet

I'm working on a thesis about neural nets and if they could be applied to AARON, the old cybernetic artist chestnut. I contacted Harold Cohen and he said no they cannot, and that I (yours truly) know nothing about making artwork, being the only enquiry to have offended him.

Needless to say I apologised but still intend to complete my thesis. Cantankerous replies still count as important discoveries, as do theoretical faliures. How much wiser are we indeed when we encounter a situation where we come to the conclusion, "I shall not do that again." Like writing to Harold Cohen for instance.

On a lighter note I have developed some code I found about on the net. I picked it up, studied it, polished it, stripped it down and rebuilt it, and I'm happy to have a new creative tool. Exportable Kohonen Self-Organising-Maps.