Thursday, May 04, 2006

High and Dry

My new project Minocyclin is now up and installed at the University of East London. It spans an 18 meter wide and 11 meter tall building. It's safe to say I've lost all fear of hieghts.

After the Architectris project I was tipped that there's been a bit of building Tetris going on before. At Brown University they had la Bastille which uses the windows and lights on a building to create the graphics for the game. There's a You Tube video of it. The French version of this was called Blinkenlights and featured a multitude of video games on the side of a building that you could play with a phone.

I'm also making a note of the new Logitech camera which has some nice face-tracking stuff. Since I'm quite into tracking at the moment, perhaps I should buy one.