Thursday, September 21, 2006

Genetic Algorithm Livery

Well a post has been a long time coming because I have an odd setup with computing at the moment as I'm still kinda homeless.

But that doesn't stop me from writing a Genetic Algorithm Library. I've had a tough few weeks of testing as I've gone head-on against my own lack of common sense, publishing tid bits here and there and realising those said plans were either unworkable or just plain stupid. The final result I'm happy with though, as I am with my new print project Eye for an Eye. My next plan is to fix my dodgy Flash portfolio menu and crack on with the AStar library. I finally understand what Mr Carden was up to and with a few refinements to allow some pan-dimensional path-finding I should be able to mock up a road-test soon (I will be sure to credit Cardy-boy for the bulk of the algorithm, there's little I can improve upon).

This has already been exhibited at the Wiring page but I repeat it here because it's pretty cool and it reminds me that I really want a Wiring board when I have money again.

I came across this animation package in my surfs. I nearly recommended it to a friend but I realised she was still at uni so I said she better learn Flash or After Effects instead and get a job when she leaves education.

And I shall mention Tim Hunkin whose inventions and drawings I quite like.