Friday, October 20, 2006

Link Miner 49er

A rather long graffitti thing. A movie of a wall being endlessly redecorated.

This AStar in Flash I intend to read when I finish sorting out my Flash portfolio (this is like the fourth re-write, but each version is looking a bit more proffesional than the last). He claims it's very fast so I shall compare it to the library I have so far and see if mine can be improved.

A DNA logic gate computer (courtesy New Scientist). Nope, not a GA, but uses strands of DNA.

Robot swarms (courtesy New Scientist).

Some rather entertaining warning signs. Most could adorn a Processing piece or two.

Whoop whoop! Flash 9 Beta for Linux.

Like a Pen. New video by The Knife.

Triumph of the Heart. Bjork video by Spike Jonze. A pity I can't find the video of the making of this promo, it's really cool. It kicks off with a guy who complains that he was really looking forward to working with Spike Lee.

The Physics Whiteboard. Yes you've already seen it, but I'm linking it for reference purposes.

We Have Explosive. Future Sound of London. Am recently introduced to the work of Run Wrake. I've added him to my Artist favourites on the left.

About the Process. Many graphic artists responding on how they develop their ideas. A fatty pdf to download.

Battle of the Bands. Linked about a zillion times on Newstoday. But it is really good.

Line Rider. Linked already on P5Blogs but relinked here for my own use.