Monday, November 13, 2006

Flish Flash

Well I did release a new flash folio to lure prospective employers, but when I went to Newstoday for a quick crit it got such a beating I started work again. This time, no dodgy Flash components, I'm making my own. And the new one will be pure AS, I'm aiming to have only two lines instancing an external class on the .fla timeline and nothing else. Nothing smells better than pure, undiluted code. For a quick cringe at my last attempt go here. It does however boast a html parser that I want to iron out the bugs and build into the new flash.

Tomorrow I'm off to London to see a talk by Harold Cohen at the Imperial College, he's going to reveal new developments with AARON. Phase one was the exploratory cave painter (my favourite really), phase two was the figurative portraiture maker and now he is about to unveil phase three. If it's particularly interesting, expect a report later this week. If there's enough material in my notes I might write it up for furtherfield (who I wrote an article for the other week).

Links of Leisure:
New Beck Video (Michel Gondry)
Walking across water at the London Design Festival
Blosfeldt Fractals
Open Code (online Processing)
Jeff Han about his multi-touch interface
Video music animation
Online generators
Article on design grids
ReacTIVision used for a PureData type patch jam

Links of Utility:
Color Codes Matching Chart
Essential Web Skills (pdf)
Undocumented Tween / Easing classes for Flash
Raw CSS examples
CSS Float Tutorial
Html to Xml php parser
Unobtrusive Flash Objects
Detect and embed Flash objects
Flash key combinations
Second Life models from Blender
Free Art for designers

I heartily warn oldschool Atari ST owners to stay away from Dungeon Master RTC. One shouldn't be staying up till 3am to kill a dragon (thank god I've completed it and can carry on with my life). There is a Java version of Dungeon Master but the maps and graphics aren't very faithful to the original, at one point you can't even get a much needed key.