Wednesday, July 12, 2006

New Liver Please

Just back from Prague where the beer is far too cheap. But I have have an array of notes on a variety of subjects that have lots of urls in them - day 1 (Julian Oliver of Select Parks), day 2 (Cyril Brom - A.I.), day 3 (Louis Bec and Christina Sommera - digital life forms), day 4 (Cory Ondrejka of Second Life and Eva Petersson & Tony Brooks - EyeToy and related work for the disabled). All in this folder.

Feeling inspired I've started on learning Python, I steered clear before thinking it looked too much like Lingo but I found I'd misunderstood how efficient it was to work in. Blender comes with a Python interpreter built in and can even take OSC messages. Top Dollar!

If you're in Second Life at all I decided to set up an account. I'll be the odd looking short white racoon in black called Robotacid Yin. From the talk we got in Prague there seems to be a whole new audience in there and Cory was quite insistent that they're letting the users decide the direction of Second Life, and it seems to be more about creating your own objects and scripts than some version of the Sims (which the site seems to suggest).

Blprnt has linked it already but I'm linking it again for my own referencing: Imagining the Tenth Dimension

Brevity has been mentioned in the forums and looks like one to watch. Everyone I think would like the option to straight code Flash.

A cheap solution to a conference camera.

An entertaining bit of 3D and After Effects usage (movie).

For those of you who use MySpace like I barely do, you might be interested in customising that dreadful layout - this is a rather good example.