Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Only the Pure

It's finally here:

My New Flash Portfolio!

It's built in a Processing stylee from nothing but nothing but code. Not once (to my anguish) did I capitulate and use the Flash GUI. It also has the basics of a CMS (press "L" for the Layout Manager). Download the source here. Yes it's only AS2.0, but I'm poor. If you have issues with it, press "C" to bring up the debug console and mail me the info.

Link to my shoddy Flash Porfolio second attempt.

Link to the original Flash Portfolio.

Sunday, December 17, 2006

24 Hours My Ass

Whilst my ISP merrily refutes it's claim of contacting me in 24 hours of a complaint and file based CGI scripts are not working on my site, I am left unable to link to my new Flash portfolio (or even work on it). So I might as well unload the links I've harvested so my tabs bar can shrink to a manageable size.

Monster a day
Ron Mueck show photos
A tea-cup that incorporates stain into the design (I love tea me)
Flame Fractals made using Apophysis

Simpsons Movie trailer
Grand Theft Mario
Animator vs Animation 2

Skeelo - I Wish
The Making of Dark Side of The Moon (Pink Floyd)
Top 50 music videos of 2006 (Thanks again DoCopenhagen)
Dreams - TV on the Radio
Staring at the Sun - TV on the Radio
Marching Band does Radiohead

Scriptable masks for Flash
Joshua Davis' Flash to the Core demo files (with downloads!)
CDATA tags and getting HTML text from a Flash XML
List of computer vision resources
Dijkstra's Algorithm comparison
Dijkstra demos and code
OSPF (Open Shortest Path)
Dijkstra in actionscript
Dijkstra (another explanation)
Efficient object management in Java
Turbo-Charging Java for Real-Time Applications
Hidden font utility in Win XP
Flash article
Computer Science links (BIG PAGE)
Online CSS tab designer
AfterEffects video tutorial (fast loading too)

LED Throwie Taxidermed Rats (I kid you not).
Jesus in a dogs arse
The man who unknowingly jacked-off watching his half-sister