Tuesday, January 23, 2007

Beta is the New Black

Whilst my folio interface continues to obey Hofstadter's Law I'm dropping off a bunch of links. AStar has been updated to become Pathfinder. I am however getting some strangely slow results on a Linux machine test, either memory related or something else. Expect a fix, but not right now.

Fjen has taken appletobject.js and expanded upon it to build a pre-loader for Java applets (percentage and even loading bar). We need more examples of this technology in action, why not download the files and try it out. (P5 thread here.)

First Life (as opposed to second)
Sundance Film Festival online
Jeep Waterfall printer
Reno Balloon race Some amazing timelapse going on that offers some inspiration for a-life perhaps.
No pants (trousers) on the subway happening
Lego car factory (made from lego)
Armando Iannuci on the iPhone
Charlie the Unicorn
Desktop 3D fabricator
Silent Star Wars
DIY wrapping paper, thanks D. E. Stanley
Mark Knopfler at French & Saunders

Open source Flash MP3 player
PNGuin animated .pngs (JavaScript)
Javascript-Flash integration kit
Avoid PHP Page has expired warnings
Open source Flash for artists (article)