Monday, March 26, 2007


As well as tidying us the CSS I've added a bit of DHTML to the site so I can open myself to the use of Javascript libraries. They're tough to get into but Scriptaculous is a good one for absolute beginners and Mootools and JQuery seem the route for the more hardcore shennanigans. Links to these under Applications on the nav column <-- have been kind enough to publish a copy of
Super Special Lightning Man and give it a warm initial review, which is pretty cool considering there's room to develop Lightning Man Gold Edition (single player, more power-ups, the ability to pause the game, etc.).

Rick Dangerous
Beat Bots
Marek Michalowski - Beat Bots project guy
FM3 Buddha Machine
Kid Koala video
Microsoft's speech recognition demo
248 dimensional structure mapped
Grant Freckelton - Visual Effects Director for the film 300
A Nice Cup of Tea and a Sit Down

Flash Lite resources
Advanced Character Physics paper
Grid Maker plugin for Photoshop
Spyder - MySpace spamming tool
Webcam motion detection in Flash
Tiled bitmap backgrounds in Flash
Flash bitmap transform matrix
Advanced Character Physics tutorial for Flash
Drag and drop gravity in Flash
Pure Dyne - Linux OS for artists
Kaourantin - Adobe developer's blog
Using Local Connection in Flash to communicate between two Flash objects on the same html
Flosc tutorial (OSC in Flash)
Scott Schiller - Javascript clever - And he's made DHTML Arkanoid, genius!
Standard sizes Print tools as in envelope size, window envelope, CD labels, etc.
DOS games utilities