Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Moving Swiftly On...

Super Special Lightning Man is here and is for 2 to 4 players. So without further ado, I'm going to work on something else. I'm thinking beat-detection. I'd like to do another project that has a nice even split between coding and drawing but is a bit more accessible (I could plow more time into the game, or I could finally make a VJ toy - not really a tough choice). I've started a thread for Beat Detection resources. If you have anything to add, please do. It will help the young-uns in years to come.

The astute will notice I've added a search bar to my Blog. I basically copied the GET request from Blogger's tool bar and built up the hidden input tags. It should be easier to find stuff in my mountain of links now.

This month's links include some old favourites I found lying around in IE6's favourites folder.

Michel Gondry Rubiks Cube 2
The Chumby
Bias test
Teaspoon slide guitar
Japan's top 30 emoticons
Save the internet
The Chimpanzee An online graphic novel
I Feel Great! old ad, still funny.
Zen Koans
iRogue for Palm OS old favourite of mine
Pin-hole camera a bit obsolete in the age of phone cameras - but interesting reading
Chomsky bot fun bit of AI research
Star Ship dimensions Who is bigger? Unicron or the Death Star?
Cool Robot of the Week
Brains 4 Zombies
Neave's Strobe drug-free halucinations!
Mix a beat-box recipe
Gummi Bear chandelier
Self modelling robots
Abandonware list

Flash Embed article
AS2.0 compiler (MTASC)
Flash Slideshow
Flash slideshow
Joystick to keyboard input for Flash
AS2.0 to AS3.0 cheatsheet
Animation kit for Flash
Auto-tracing bitmaps into vectors A nice big list.
JavaScript Smooth Gallery
Revolver - fast JavaScript image rotation
Fwiidom Combining Flash and Wii
Super Simple Blog script (PHP)
$10 Macro photo studio
Preloading sound in Flash
URL encoder / decoder