Saturday, April 28, 2007


I'm now embracing routine.

I'm working on code for a Flash game for Nitrome and enjoying the familiar sights and sounds of London (as well as the nostril full of soot I get on a daily basis). I shall link to the project when it is finished.

I've knocked up a quick line intersection demo. Work on Rogue is postponed for a while but I'm still pretty keen to turn it into a proper game.

Animated gifs of wrestling moves
Adaptive Robot
Innovative website
A typography to vector project Which looks rather like my vectoriser
Online Street Fighter
A rather cool lol-cat
Beyond the Red Line Game based on the new Battlestar Galactica
CG Robot Film Huge robots in world war 2 - epic!
A harware genetic algorithm

Flash Vector tutorial deals with collision, intersection, surfaces - with source code too.
Get different urls for the same flash movie with swfaddress
Game Vindicator method for removing hacking in online multi-player games

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

"I put on my robe and wizard hat"

I've been working on developing a Rogue clone in Flash. My chief motivation for this is the total lack of any attempt at a Diablo clone or a Rogue / Hack clone in Flash.

I'll admit it's not easy.

And for the NIN fans out there, you can hear the new stuff on the site for the Year Zero album (bit better than the last one at least). And there's a site cataloguing the strange advertising campaign that preceeded the album.

Ferrofluid movie - magnetic goo
Robot fleas
Computing image forgeries
Virtual ant farm in Second Life
Ruben's tube movie - like an FFT but with fire and science
Neural net level imaging of a mouse brain
High power green pen lasers can cut through plastic ^o^
Mega-Robot returns
Spiderman 2 in Lego
Advertising for typography employees in wingdings
Plasma Pong

Firefox cache sanity - how to change your cache directory in Firefox
Secrets of Firefox - what typing "about:config" does in Firefox's address bar
Ajax tool tip
Fluid dynamics with vector fields
The Java ripple effect in Processing code