Monday, May 28, 2007

Hey Blprnt!

Well after a Sunday of tinkering I got a reasonable demo of a Back-Propagation Neural Net in Flash working. It's quite like my Processing version but with the added advantage that you can see the error of the network as a graph and get the training just right by stopping it whenever you like. Also, I've added the ability to save and load XML states of the net - very useful after you've had a good training session. Full source code is of course linked on the page.

I'm also working on a collaboration - but as we're rusty it's going to be simple, can't do rocket science in my spare time. We're thinking a camera-tracking Breakout game.

Saturday, May 26, 2007


It'll be sometime yet before one of the games I've been working on goes up apparently. The client generally takes their time over releasing games, usually so they can come up with some way to ruin the game before release.

Just links in this post, I haven't any new experiments just yet - and I'm trying to push for a blog over at Nitrome, it's just whether we get the time, these current games I've been developing are really tough work.

Colleagues of mine who are suggesting links to me can help me blog them by submitting them to my Link Monkey. It's a PHP script that I'm using to bookmark links now and it formats the links so I can paste them into my blog easily.

Cool stop frame animation
Gallery on Brick Lane wanting artists to apply
Ebonics translator
Wikipedia's list of the graphic novels for NBC's Heroes
Video for OK by Shitdisco
Neko - Clever shockwave games
Cool vector art
Muon - Chris O Shea Sound reactive Processing spring thing, pretty.
Open Arena - Open Source Quake 3
Sci-Fi short about a video store in another dimension
Onslaught - tower defense game
Interesting, simple, circle collision game
Ball chucking game
Animated Live Journal gifs NSFW.

Create a game like Line Rider in Flash
Video conversion methods
Perlin Noise fire in Flash
Quaternions tutorial (in C++ though)
Shape based collision detection in Flash