Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Nice to be Liked

Somehow the folks at Edge magazine have named Headcase Internet Game of the Month.

That's nice eh?

Observe the page breaking large image of the article:

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hello Thar

Well. Haven't been doing much except working. Camera-tracking-breakout has kind of evolved into a lateral blob-detection lark so I can have multiple bats on screen.

But I'm leaving that to one side at the moment as I start tinkering with C++. First I've got to figure out Visual Studio and then I'm gonna have a crack at Openframeworks.

Here's a feck-load of links I've been harvesting:

Mario level that plays itself
Duracell plays Space Harrier
Tesla Down Under - high voltage shenannigans
Phillip K. Dick related Blog
Mini robot dog
Jumbotron Nintendo DS
self assembling chair
dalek cufflinks
Wired Science website
A not B error
Robot brains make the same mistakes as humans - Advert covered article instead of New Scientist pay per view one
50 really good indie games
AD&D Offline goes online
a history of british manga
Kevin Mack - Digital art and Film work
missile game
Moebius Transformations
Archive of ZX Spectrum games and stuff with emulators, etc.
World's Smallest Site
Typing skill game
Crap Spectrum Games Competition 2004<
Fighting Robots

jedit - text editor for programmers
projector calculator
polygon collision
voronoi region collisions for the game "n"
boundary tracing algorithm
Genetic Algorithm stuff
Speedy line intersection code
Shiffman Most Pixels Ever Tutorial - Also an Eclipse starter I know it says it isn't but for Eclipse dummies like I it is a good read.
Royalty free sound resource - Sound Snap
Vector Magic - online vectorising of bitmaps