Friday, November 04, 2005

Neural Nyet

I'm working on a thesis about neural nets and if they could be applied to AARON, the old cybernetic artist chestnut. I contacted Harold Cohen and he said no they cannot, and that I (yours truly) know nothing about making artwork, being the only enquiry to have offended him.

Needless to say I apologised but still intend to complete my thesis. Cantankerous replies still count as important discoveries, as do theoretical faliures. How much wiser are we indeed when we encounter a situation where we come to the conclusion, "I shall not do that again." Like writing to Harold Cohen for instance.

On a lighter note I have developed some code I found about on the net. I picked it up, studied it, polished it, stripped it down and rebuilt it, and I'm happy to have a new creative tool. Exportable Kohonen Self-Organising-Maps.