Sunday, May 28, 2006

To All Things an End

Well I'm taking a quick moment to have a teeny break from setting up my installation which has to be ready pretty damn sharpish. Mendel/Jungalist is an interactive installation in Processing and Pure Data. I'm hoping the piece goes down well with my assessors and the public this Thursday 1st June (Cyprus station, 6pm, whoo!).

I've updated my Vectoriser to output pdf files which means it can handle much larger images and I've updated my Processing Mobile project page with applet versions of the work.

Aside from frivolous links like kung-fu clowns and 30-second bunny theatre I also discovered the Heliodisplay which to me seems like some serious voodoo. How the hell does "converted air" become a backprojection screen?

On the data-visualisation side the earthquake rose is interesting considering I usually think of those linear printouts for visualising earthquakes.

Zen and Object Oriented Programming

And last and certainly least, I have to say that the world's first open movie is visually stunning but has without a doubt the most horrendous dialogue and the most confusing script.