Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Ai ai savelai

As folks on the Processing forum will know, I've been experimenting with the A* pathfinding algorithm. Here's a link demonstrating it and a couple of references. And from there I went back to my AI snake project because I wanted to get something ready for Transistor 2 which I'm very happy to be attending this year. I'm along for the third course - drop me a line if you're going or if you work in Unreal Tournament as that's the environment we'll be making some stuff in.

I made a bunch of snakes go at it at once. Then I pushed it to 3D. After that I extended the pathfinder to tackle all the diagonals possible in 3D. That's 26 directions.

Mr Carden put up an interesting link in the A* thread about an AI Tron project. It uses a genetic algorithm. It would be interesting to combine A* to this as it's grid map has a limited adaptive memory. Perhaps I should start writing an AI library. Hrmm...

And now for even more links, (deep breath)...

A rather pleasant animation
A rather funny animation (especially if you work in Flash)
An interesting article about making money on the internet
A project viewing what people are browsing on the web right now (and people actually surf porn with this plugin enabled - weird)
A free SDS radiation ringtone (?!)