Thursday, October 11, 2007


Okay, seeing as P5 Blogs filters my professional work out I'll keep the links and P5 stuff separate from my game making work. I've been working on a camera tracking breakout engine with AI blocks I'd like to share, I'll post that and the link harvest later.

Just this week we've launched Nanobots (a weapon switching shoot-em up inspired by Ikaruga and R-Type) and Off the Rails (a track-and-field controlled railcart powered by mexican cactuses).

Both have been a lot of fun to work on (although Nanobots was a tough gig to get done on time what with not being able to copy / paste a lot of platform game code into it).

Also, someone has made a port of Magic Touch for the Nintendo DS! He's taken liberties with the game design but seeing as most of us have a DS and a homebrew card here at the office it was very flattering all the same. He's used a different method for the recognition obviously, because it's less forgiving at times. But I'm still impressed given that I've yet to knock up any homebrew for the DS myself.