Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Hello Thar

Well. Haven't been doing much except working. Camera-tracking-breakout has kind of evolved into a lateral blob-detection lark so I can have multiple bats on screen.

But I'm leaving that to one side at the moment as I start tinkering with C++. First I've got to figure out Visual Studio and then I'm gonna have a crack at Openframeworks.

Here's a feck-load of links I've been harvesting:

Mario level that plays itself
Duracell plays Space Harrier
Tesla Down Under - high voltage shenannigans
Phillip K. Dick related Blog
Mini robot dog
Jumbotron Nintendo DS
self assembling chair
dalek cufflinks
Wired Science website
A not B error
Robot brains make the same mistakes as humans - Advert covered article instead of New Scientist pay per view one
50 really good indie games
AD&D Offline goes online
a history of british manga
Kevin Mack - Digital art and Film work
missile game
Moebius Transformations
Archive of ZX Spectrum games and stuff with emulators, etc.
World's Smallest Site
Typing skill game
Crap Spectrum Games Competition 2004<
Fighting Robots

jedit - text editor for programmers
projector calculator
polygon collision
voronoi region collisions for the game "n"
boundary tracing algorithm
Genetic Algorithm stuff
Speedy line intersection code
Shiffman Most Pixels Ever Tutorial - Also an Eclipse starter I know it says it isn't but for Eclipse dummies like I it is a good read.
Royalty free sound resource - Sound Snap
Vector Magic - online vectorising of bitmaps