Sunday, February 24, 2008

What I Do

I've made a page cataloguing and describing my work for Nitrome.

I am currently trying to figure out how to get back into printmaking and reading C++ tutorials.

At work we're moving into AS3. Yes it's not as straightforward as the AS3 fanboys would have you believe. It's almost like porting a Flash project to Java. Components are the worst culprits, being obscure and not well explained at all. When it comes to AS3, internet becomes your best friend. It is however a better world that seems to make a lot more sense this time round.

Here's the old link list:

CL4 Network
David Byrne\'s Survival Strategies for Emerging Artists — and Megastars
C++ graphics tutorials
NeHe OpenGL tutorials and good stuff
Zero Punctuation - very funny game reviews
White Dwarf - avoidance game
The Last Question (short story by Isaac Asimov)
Ted, schizophrenic verbal diahorea incarnate
Half-Life: Full Consequences (hilarious machinama of a 6yr old\'s fan story)
Breakout mods
Level Head - A game using a cube with fiducial markers
Guitar Zeros (a Pure Data patch to turn Guitar Hero controllers in music tools)
Code Hunters (Anime short)
lego car machine
Mind Hacks
George Lucas in Love
The Technium (blog)
Some Grey Bloke (animated youtube pisstake)
Rejected - Don Hertzfeld

Customising the List component in Flash MX
Dev C++ primer
Laser Graffiti How to
Using a Wiimote to create a cheap multi-touch whiteboard
bezier line collision
2d ball collision physics
Flash Develop (open source IDE for Flash AS2 and AS3)
C++ pointers tutorial
Homebrew DS links to get one started
Regex Coach