Sunday, April 13, 2008


Just had my first sucessful tinkering session yesterday with Openframeworks on Dev C++. I'm now going to try to get it working on Code Blocks. I'm also going to be trying to get Ogre to work as well.

It's tough work really because I need to know that I've got 3D model importing and visual analysis up and running before I press on with porting my Processing code. And none of the C++ I've learned will sink in till I'm doing that last part. It's not that I think Processing isn't up to the challenge. I did a polygon test on my laptop yesterday and the chug set in on both platforms past the 10,000 rectangle point using OpenGl. I was quite surprised that there was so little difference, but the issue isn't really drawing, it's reading 3D model files. It's just that Processing isn't set up to import models and render them efficiently. Plus I'm sure I could be doing a more detailed visual analysis in C++. We'll see. Any progress I make will be uploaded to the Experimentation section for now.

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Note that though it seems paradoxical to post links on how to hack the scores on my Flash games, Cheat Engine proved useful in finding a way to make hacking very difficult. The last two games I've made feature a couple of different techniques to put people off. I know some people suggest encrypting the values, but there really is a much simpler solution, I'll leave it to the reader to figure it out for themselves.