Friday, June 24, 2005


Will probably be off the air for a while soon. Moving house. I intend to get a registration form sorted, finish documentation of the show (thank you those who turned up and for those that didn't - I'll let you off this once) and I will off to Prague for some computery thing to do with Ciant. That and I will try to get images of the new Dalek print that will be going off to the nice folks at Hayvend up on the Images section - so they might be there now. Some of them might even be for sale. I dunno, gotta pay the bills some how.

Monday, June 13, 2005

Combined Show at UEL

For all and sundry I will be showing work in the AVA (Architecture and Visual Arts) Combined Show on 22nd June. This will include collaborative piece Process and also Box Emitting. I pray there will be wine and other drinks available. It will kick off at 6pm and I would advise not being fashionably late if you want to sample some of the booze.
You can get there by travelling on the DLR to Cyprus station and crossing over the bridge. We're in the big white square building with the smattering of windows.
In the meantime I'm mulling over a hyper collaborative work. I will need to get a registration form for email addresses ready though. To make it work I would need at least 500 people armed with digital cameras with a resolution equivalent to a TV (about half a mega-pixel) and flash capabillity.


Okay I'm just making this quick post because I've had some serious setup issues with this blog. Fucking thing seems to be existing in several parallel dimensions - that's just not on.

Sunday, June 12, 2005

All hail decent CSS

Jesus, I've just rewritten this five fucking times. This thing is fucked. New news will be bloggered.

Old news here.