Monday, May 11, 2009

Son of Genetic Algorithm Library

I was recently contacted about the genetic algorithm library I wrote a couple of years back. I remembered it having a bug or two so I decided to give it a quick polish before recommending it. A quick polish turned into a furious scrubbing. Then into total dismantling and then rebuilding with new parts. There were some gaping huge holes in the logic behind the framework of the last version but hopefully the new build is more reliable. Plus it not only works as a GA, but as a tool for splicing arrays of information as binary - that you the user can control how you see fit.

Genetic Algorithm Library for Processing or Java

When I get time I will alphabetise the reference and add some graphical examples. For now, I'm putting up the bare bones so it can be used and abused.

Also, a shout out to Konami Code Sites who were kind enough to add RobotAcid to their list. Go check it out for some geeky finger foolery.